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Our leading inbound call centre services will allow you and your businesses to provide an efficient, personalised response to each and every enquiry to enhance the overall buyer experience.

Take care of your buyers and make sure every enquiry is looked after with the help of specialised inbound call centre services from Australia’s favourite call centre partners: Maxzion It Australia.

Let our professional and experienced staff be the voice of your businesses and improve your buyer satisfaction, with a fully customised service that effectively reflects your brand and expertise to your valued clients and buyers. Our fully qualified Australian call centre staff means your buyers will always get to talk to a real person, and not your voicemail or a machine. As a company, you can’t always be obtainable to each one of your buyers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So let us be obtainable for you.

Emergency Services

IT Support

Security Services

We provide a full range of inbound call centre services to help you bridge the gap between generating new leads and maintaining your existing buyer base. We work closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your businesses and its individual challenges, issues and insights, so we can provide a high level of service to your buyers and respond to all their questions and requests in a way that will benefit both them and your company.

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Our highly learned inbound call centre team will take telephone orders, handle caller enquiries, and process credit and debit card transactions for your products and services. If your website or catalogue sales campaign is a single product/single price or multiple products and multiple prices, we will accurately and efficiently process and handle every credit or debit card order with a strong dedication to buyer satisfaction.

We provide a full range of inbound call centre services to help you bridge the gap between generating new leads and maintaining your existing buyer base.




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Our Inbound Call Centre services include:

Buyer services

Having a well-organised and proficient buyer services operation with systematic processes in place is crucial to every businesses. Your buyers are what allows you to operate, and being able to guarantee them a prompt and reliable inbound call centre service will go a long way to maintaining ongoing loyalty and satisfaction.

Our buyer service solutions include handling all your buyer calls professionally and in line with the values of your businesses and brand, managing buyer queries and sale opportunities, and forwarding them on to the appropriate sales or enquiry division when required. Our call centre staffs are helpful, friendly and respectful, with well improvement skills in sales so that we can identify when to further cross-sell and up-sell your products and services. We are dedicated to building an efficient buyer services operation for your businesses that directly targets the needs and issues facing your existing buyer base, while also presenting ongoing opportunities to broaden it further.

Overflow/Out of hours phone answering services

Your businesses can’t always be permanently obtainable to your buyers to take calls and handle enquiries. But with Maxzion It Australia’s professional call centre team, your buyers will be able to talk to a real person at any time of the day or night. Increase your call capacity and opening hours without having to be physically obtainable. Our overflow and out of hours phone answering services will ensure your company never misses an important phone call again.

This is particularly crucial if you operate on an international level with varying time zones, or your buyers rely on constant availability, such as in a number of certain industries like:

  • Emergency Services
  • Trades (eg. Plumbers, Electricians, Pest Control)
  • IT Support
  • Healthcare
  • Veterinary Services
  • Insurance
  • Security Services
  • Legal Services
  • Traffic Management
  • Facilities Management

We can give your businesses the flexibility and increased sales opportunities of being obtainable day and night, 7 days a week. Our inbound call centre services are a cost effective and profitable way to complement your existing Australian contact centre facilities so that your buyers can reach you even when you’re not there. Our highly trained staff will answer every incoming call on behalf of your company, and promptly deliver all messages to the relevant channels so that your buyers are always taken care of efficiently and you never miss a more sales or service opportunity.

Brochure lines

If your businesses relies on marketing material such as brochures, information packs, handbooks or application forms to increase the reach of your brand and drive sales, then you also need to be able to respond to buyer requests for your material as quickly as possible. Our buyer response service will answer calls and collect caller details to provide them with your material in as little as 24 hours. You can like to use the services of our learned and experienced inbound call centre worker, or our innovative and sophisticated voice recognition software.

We take care of the packaging and mailing to ensure a timely delivery, and can also recognise new potential sales leads and will acquire any relevant information from your buyer calls that can be then used in future marketing campaigns & activities. Our professional service will help you fulfill buyer requests with a fast turnaround, increase your reach and boost your sales.

Cedit or Debit card order lines

Consumers in Australia now spend more than $14 billion on online purchases every year, and as a result eCommerce businesses need to provide constant, convenient sales lines to handle online credit and debit transactions as quickly as possible. Maxzion It Australia can build a streamlined and reliable credit card order line service for your eCommerce businesses or if you have a retail or catalogue businesses with on online sales division. We can simplify your e-commerce procedures and ensure your buyers are taken care of round the clock so that you never miss a sale.


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